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Skatepark Design

Hardcore Skateparks possess an experienced in-house team of project managers, skatepark designers, landscape experts, and digital design professionals. Each of our designs are tailored to the local community and culture, as well as the unique environment and geographical elements of the surrounding area. We thoroughly research the site, communicate with local athletes, and take into account client preferences when designing each of our projects.


Our design team understands that each skatepark and action sport facility will be used differently and by a variety of skaters, action sport athletes, spectators, and pedestrians. Knowing this, we strive to have our designs reflect the end users’ needs, skill levels, and preferred terrain. Through this design philosophy, Hardcore Skateparks is able to build parks that reflect the will of individuals and community organizations.


Hardcore Skateparks utilizes a variety of 3D modeling and drafting programs to explore possible design solutions. The deliverables created using these programs are used to gain feedback from stakeholders, showcase final designs, and aid in the construction process.

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Skatepark Construction


Our expansive team of contractors, construction managers, shotcrete experts, welders, and carpenters all have years of on-site experience and numerous skatepark projects under their belts. The construction of modern day skateparks require a variety of specialized techniques and methods that our team is well equipped to handle. From complex coping welds to blend zone finishing, the Hardcore Skateparks construction crew will ensure that our parks are built with world class quality.


Skateparks are judged on the tiniest of details, from finishing imperfects to faulty metal work. For these reasons, our construction crew takes extra precautions to guarantee that these potential complications are addressed and planned for. Hardcore Skateparks takes great pride in quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. These construction values are one of the primary reasons our projects are known as some of the most pristine parks in the world.


Furthermore, our construction crew puts high emphasis on safety and risk management. In order to be prepared for unforeseen issues and or events, Hardcore Skateparks prepares and trains our crew members to be well equipped to prevent and or address problematic issues that may arise.

Skatepark Design-Build

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Master Planning

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Through the combination of our professional design and construction teams, Hardcore Skateparks is able to offer a full, streamlined experience to our many clients. This service eliminates any complications that tend to come up when working with multiple design and construction companies. Furthermore, Hardcore Skateparks is able to produce high-quality skateparks quicker and more efficiently due to this integrated approach. Our design deliverables and construction documents are familiar to our construction crews, and any issues that may arise in the field can be quickly combated by our in-house design team. We are your one stop shop for any of your skatepark or action sport facility design and construction needs.

Hardcore Skateparks also offers master planning as one of its many services. Skateparks and other action sport facilities are complex landscape features that can be daunting projects to take on. Here at Hardcore Skateparks, we work closely with clients to help them understand their goals for a skatepark or an action sports facility, and the necessary steps required to achieve these objectives. Our team of expert landscape designers and planners can provide site specific studies, deliverables, solutions, and plans to further aid in the master plan process. With all the nuances involved in create such specialized environment, creating a skatepark can seem overwhelming. Thankfully, Hardcore Skateparks is here to help facilitate this process.

Street Plazas

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Our Street Plazas pay homage to a core discipline of action sports, street skating / riding. These streetscapes provide athletes a place where they can safely practice and perfect their craft without causing property damage throughout their communities. Street Plaza are typically open areas that are populated with hardscape features; like ledges, handrails, and stairs. China banks, curbs, manual pads, and flat rails are also added to these designs to give these plaza’s a more urban-like feel.

Bowls and Pools

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Besides street skating, the other core discipline of action sports is transitional riding. This discipline arose from skaters riding empty swimming pools throughout the 70s. Over time, bowls and pools were specifically designed and built to meet the needs of progressive athletes and their styles of riding. Hardcore Skateparks is well equipped to design and construct these complex skate features to match the needs and skill levels of future users. Our bowls and pools can be tailored in size, steepness, length, shape, and visual design in order to further reflect the requests from the community.

Legacy Skateparks

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Our legacy skateparks are large-scale, comprehensive parks specifically designed for regional competitions or Olympic qualifiers. These state-of-the-art parks typically offer competition ready street and park courses, as well as the appropriate facilities and amenities, required to put on national events. Although initials construction costs are high, these innovative public skateparks are an enduring community asset that continually brings reputation and revenue to the area for years after completion.


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A relatively new style of skatepark, flowparks are a fun, low-risk alternative to more advanced parks. The defining factor of a flowpark is its ability to allow individuals to ride and explore unique lines throughout the park without pushing or pedaling. By implementing features found in snake runs and pumptracks, we are able to create a flowy environment that improves board control and is enjoyed by athletes of all skill levels.

Skate Paths

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Hardcore Skateparks’ skate paths are dynamic, multipurpose spaces that are designed for skaters, runners, pedestrians, and bicyclists. What sets these paths apart from other traditional walkways is the implementation of skate-friendly features that allow skaters and even commuter bicyclists to interact with. These obstacles can range from a variety of ledges, manual pads, rails, banks, and or rollers. Furthermore, these spaces are a great addition to the surrounding pathway network of any local skatepark.

Skateable Art

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Our team at Hardcore Skateparks can also produce artistic and skateable art sculptures that can be installed in any existing skatepark or plaza space. Not only do these art sculptures provide aesthetic views for spectators, but they give skaters a unique opportunity to explore one-of-a-kind obstacles. Furthermore, we work with local artists to ensure that these pieces reflect the culture and aesthetic of local communities.


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Originating in the bike community, pumptracks offered athletes with a linear track that incorporated a variety bumps to help riders maintain their speed with out pedaling. Overtime, these tracks became more complex with the addition of unique rhythm lanes, hidden transfer lines, and skatepark-like features. Unlike traditional pumptracks that were made out of dirt or asphalt, Hardcore Skateparks offers concrete pumptracks that are more inclusive to skateboarders, scooters, and inline skaters.



Our concrete bikeparks share many similarities with our skateparks; however, there are a few differences that set these environments apart. First off, our bikeparks tend to be designed with larger features to account for the size difference between a bikes and skateboards. Furthermore, larger bike-friendly features like box jumps, wallrides, and sub-box are typically implemented to further accommodate bikes. We also design and build features for mountain bikes; like dirt jumps, skills features, and slalom courses.

Skatepark Renovations / Repairs

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In addition to all of our products, Hardcore Skateparks also offers skatepark renovation and repair services. Older skateparks were designed without the same level of protection as modern parks, and therefore have fallen victim to wear and tear over the years. Our team is well versed in different renovation techniques and repair methods, and can effectively fix any uneven surfaces, undesirable metals, or concrete chipping.

Parkour Courses

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With the growing popularity in parkour, Hardcore Skateparks has started offering parkour course design and construction as one of our many services. Our courses provide a variety of urban inspired features that allow athletes to practice and compete with one another in a safe and progressive way. We work closely with professional athletes to create innovative designs that reflect the skill levels of future users.

Completely Custom Skateparks

Hardcore Skatepark takes pride in creating completely custom skatepark designs, and understands that local skate and action sport communities may request a variety of different skatepark styles or elements. We work closely with our clients to combine our services in order to create a final product that is tailored to the needs of their community. Whether a community wants to combine street plaza elements with a bikepark design to better reflect a diverse demographic or implement skateable art into a flow park in order to promote an aesthetic experience for its users, Hardcore Skateparks is here to help. There is no limit to skatepark design and Hardcore Skateparks is ready to create a valuable asset that will continually benefit local communities for decades to come.

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