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More than 100 skateparks worldwide have been designed by our design team.


The Hardcore Skateparks Team has been contracted to build and complete over 300 skateparks globally. 


Hardcore Skateparks has helped build or design parks in over 20 different countries.

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Hardcore Skateparks is a full-service design and construction company that specializes in skatepark and action sport facility development. Over the past 25 years, our team has produced a variety of skateparks, street plazas, bowls/pools, legacy parks, flowparks, skatepaths, pumptracks, bikeparks, and skateable art. With this vast project history, Hardcore Skateparks has continually revolutionized how the public views skateparks and how these unique recreational spaces can further reflect the needs of local and international communities.


Our team of professional project managers, project developers, skatepark designers, and landscape designers strive to provide innovative and aesthetic design solutions for all of our projects. This design philosophy ensures that our parks will provide skateboarders and other action sport athletes with a functional community space that will continue to provide for decades to come.


The Hardcore Skateparks construction crew is fully equipped to address the countless complexities involved in building skateparks and other action sport facilities. Our team of construction managers, professional welders, shotcrete specialists, and experienced carpenters are capable producing unmatched, high-quality skateparks that will stand the test of time.

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Key Staff and Employees

 Bill Minadeo

President / Global Sales Representative

 Julien Wahart

Project Manager / Lead Designer

Pierre Couloume

Skatepark Designer

Kord McKinney

Landscape Designer / Skatepark Designer

 Rachelle Marchbanks

Project Developer / Community Outreach Specialist

Misty Bissman

Executive Administrator / Accountant

Jack Shields

Financial Modeler / Business Administrator

 Robin Denniwitz

Welder / Finisher

Brandon Denniwitz

Welder / Laborer

Michael Moore

Nozzleman / Finisher

Bursa Comp #12.png

Brandon Gomez


Dustin Younie


Building Communities

Here at Hardcore Skateparks, we understand that skateparks and other action sport facilities are more than just recreational landscapes; but environments that support, benefit, and grow local communities. Some of the most notable benefits of having a local skatepark includes a reduction in juvenile crime, improved physical and mental health in individuals of all ages, and a decrease in local property damage. A skatepark improves its surrounding area in more ways than could be counted, but most importantly it creates a supportive community that fosters self-improvement in all involved; regardless of age, race, or social class. These close-knitted groups who skate together provide neighborhoods with a true sense of family and brings strangers together through a similar, shared passion.

The impact of building a community around skateboarding and other action sports cannot be overstated. The social culture at nearly every skatepark is extremely inclusive towards individuals of all ages, races, and backgrounds. This culture creates diverse groups of like-minded friends who would not have met otherwise. These inclusive groups teach and motivate one another to learn new tricks, overcome physical obstacles, and surpass mental barriers. The communities built around these activities create life-long friendships and positive role models.

Furthermore, the construction of a skatepark can be a life-changing addition to many at-risk youths’ lives. A local skatepark provides a haven where teenagers can safely focus on bettering themselves mentally and athletically, rather than drifting into crime and or other negative activities. Many at-risk youths in low-income areas don’t typically have the resources or interest to participate in traditional team sports; and in turn tend to be attracted to individual activities, like skateboarding. A community skatepark provides a place where individuals can work on perfecting a difficult craft free from the influences of negative activities.

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